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Romance very important in love life of peoples. When start relationship or even in old one, romance keep fire alive. Here some tips for romance, with do and donts. Also, for learn more, there is site called which have more details.

Dos of Romance:

  1. Listen to Partner: Always important to hear what other person say. If they share feelings or talk about day, you should listen.
  2. Surprises: Little things matter much. Maybe small gift, or just surprise dinner. These things show you care.
  3. Remember Dates: Birthdays, anniversaries, these dates very important. Always remember and celebrate.

Donts of Romance:

  1. No Force: Never force partner for anything. If they no like something, respect their choice.
  2. Avoid Too Much Jealous: Little jealous normal, but too much can break love. Trust is key in romance.
  3. Don’t Forget Personal Space: Every person need own time. Always respect that. If partner want alone time, give them.

In romance, communication very very important. Talk with partner, understand their likes, dislikes. Romance not just about big things. Sometimes, just holding hand or just sitting together mean a lot.

But also, sometimes people get confused about romance. They not sure what right or what wrong. For this, good to read and learn. There many sites and books for help.. It offer different perspective and can be good learn tool.

Last, always remember, romance is journey, not destination. It change with time. What work today, maybe no work tomorrow. So, always be open and learn. And most importantly, enjoy journey with partner.

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